Local and Seasonal

Our passion is to create an experiential culinary art that is unique, with untraceable recipes. Our Superfood are not just impactful for our own health and our children's, but also for the sustainability of our Earth.

About Our Private Chef

Christine Doan is the founder, creator, and Executive Chef of Doan Cuisine and HeartCore Eats.

With over a decade of experience, Chef Doan has been experimenting with food and training among extra-ordinary chefs, including Antonia La Fosa of Scopa, James Trees previously of the Vegas Superba Group, Jason Fullilove of Malibu Pier Cafe and now Magic Castle, Ben Ford of The Ford Station, Ryan Carson of Playground and An Qui, Chef Sam Goldman, mentioned by the late Anthony Bourdain in his book "LA Confidential".  From restaurants, to catering, to personal chef, to pop up dinner clubs Chef Doan is an expert of variety of seasonal vegan cooking and presenting global cuisines from Southern Cali to Upstate NY with every and all proteins of the world.
The future is plant base and Vegan.



Equinox Squash is finally here!

This month we will experiment with Autumn fresh squash and focus on what could be an out-of-this-world food. MARS CITY DESIGN® is hosting the MARTIAN FEAST. Do not miss it!


"Doan Cuisine is an Ancient Tradition

Revived for a Healthy Future" -VegNews